March 06, 2007

A cosmopolitan cheerio!

I guess this blog is temporarily closed.
For now the game is over.
Maybe some day I'll continue from the last saved point and choose "continue".
If there is a reason for it or more world travelling.
Because for now I lost all the reasons to write here.
Or reason lost me...
It makes me sad... but life is a bitch... so... grow up Rui!
And learn...

Thank you for reading me... and the blog.
Feel free to contact me anytime.


January 04, 2007

2007 x 9.999

I wish a great 2007 to the 10.000 readers of this blog.
Oh wait... 9.999! Sadam is dead...


December 27, 2006

Santa's dildo

Santa doesn't exist???

Damn... I guess that means I won't received that amazing dildo this year.

December 12, 2006

Exercise 1: US symbols

How many US symbols do you see in this picture?

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So cosmopolitan of me in... Pocatello

The beauty of a city lies in (some of) the people who live in it...

December 07, 2006

30 Ricks in the house... say yeah! YEAH!

More than 30 moments of happiness, in more than 30 days, with more than 30 dinners, 30 lunches, 30 people, 30 places.
More than 30 songs, 30 albuns, 30 comic books and 30 more shared interests.
More than 30 smiles in my face, more than 30 good thoughts in my head.
My "other me" is 30 years old today and for that, deserves 30 smooches, 30 hugs and 30 thank you.

Give me more 30's Mr. Rick!

Happy birthday!

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November 30, 2006


As posted by Rick:

You click on the flash-based candle. They donate $1 to AIDS research.

World AIDS Day is this Friday. See if your area has any events going on.

November 27, 2006

MAD Madrid and the cars

If you happen to go to Madrid and try to cross the street, just runaway as fast as you can when the pedestrians green ligth starts to flash.
If it goes red, the cars start moving even if you are in the middle of the avenue!!!

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A perception exercise... The new James Bond in Madrid

I go to Madrid and on the day I arrive, just while I was walking through the "Gran Via", I see all these people waiting near a movie theatre with pics of James Bond everywhere and the movie theme song playing.

It didn't took me much to realize that it was the premiere of the new movie and Daniel Craig was going to walk the red carpet.

I waited more than 1h but eventually and after douzens of famous spanish models, musicians, etc (not to me thought)... he finally showed up.
Wow! I am lucky bastard indeed.

Instead of fainting, I took some pics with my shitty mobile. He is in one but don't bother too much... it is hard to recognize.

At least I saw him live in my first night in MAD MADRID!

November 17, 2006

Lost thoughts

Why is that everytime I travel by plane nowadays, I always remember LOST...?

I wonder if I would see any "white bears" if I crashed on an island...

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November 15, 2006

So cosmopolitan of me... and the delicacies in Park City

Back to the US, back to the delicacies.

Pumpkin Beer. Only during halloween!

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Chocolate poop... I mean... Chocolate cake from the chocolate factory!

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Apple candy, covered in chocolate, caramel and pecans!

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November 06, 2006

So cosmopolitan of me... on the Day of the Dead

The "dia de los muertos" is something that is cellebrated in Mexico on November the 1st (all saints day) and 2nd (all souls day), to remember loved ones that passed away.
Since it is a celebration, people give food, tequilla, music to the dead and eat/drink/dance themselves, either at their homes or cemeteries.
The food and drink (and even cigars...) are placed on an altar, which also includes the traditional "pan de muerto" or "dead man's bread".

This day can be seen as a mix between the catholic tradition (all saints day) with the indigenous people's tradition in a way that instead of making it a day of pain and suffering, it turns out to be a celebration of life.

We celebrated it by drinking mexican beer and eating pan de muerto.
I nice day indeed!

More information can be found here.

Source: 1 & 2

November 01, 2006

Halloween's chickens

If I hear one more child knocking on the door and saying "queremos dulces para Halloween" ("we want sweets for Halloween"), I will turn into a monster and eat them alive.

Ok... I don't mean that of course.
They taste like chicken... and I am vegetarian!
I'll eat the sweets instead.

Bwaaaaaah ah ah!

October 31, 2006

So cosmopolitan of me in... Hermosillo, Mexico

Oh si! Me gusta!

Here I am in Mexico again. Filling my tummy with quesadillas, sincronizadas, carne machaca, pescado and much more.
And there is another thing... while in many parts of the world it is celebrated Halloween tonight, tomorrow in Mexico is celebrated the "dia de los muertos" or day of the dead.
I will tell you all about it after tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news about dead people and mexican food... and how the two can be related. ;)

October 20, 2006

I love travelling

I am back to the US!
And what a pain in the ass it was to get here (and not the good kind of pain...).

1) The plane left late in Lisbon.
2) It took ages to pass through the emigration services in Newark.
3) I had to get my luggage because although I was transfering from one flight to another, they don't do that for you now. You have to take your luggage, get past through security again and run to the gate.
4) I got an A on the list of the products I was bringing with me. But that is not a good mark. That means that I had to go the the agriculture services, since I was bringing sun dried fruit... a weapon of mass destruction nowadays.
5) After all this, although the company with wich I was travelling next was informed that I was in transit, they just left without me...
6) I was offered a stay in a Hotel near the airport with dinner and breakfast included. These seems nice? Not quite. It seemed more like a Motel than a Hotel.
7) I got the flight at 7.30 am...
8) I am with a huge jet lag after sleeping in Newark (with 5h difference from Lisbon), waking up at 5am and getting to SLC with a 7h difference from Lisbon.

I love travelling...

October 17, 2006

Jesus give me some of those Twinkies

After watching John Stewart's Daily Show in which he interviewed the paquistani president Pervez Musharaff and offered him some "twinkies" advertising them as one of the top 5 traditional US products... I finally believe it!

While I was there I never understood why they were so important. But now I understand. They are part of the North American culture and history!

The majority of North Americans don't know the names of all the 50 states... but they do know

I can see the ads already: "Twinkies. More famous than Jesus!"

Ok.. I am going to hell for that!
I only hope they have twinkies there.


Travelling often to another country for a long time has some bad consequences.

You keep saying goodbye to your friends.
You hope you don't cry when you say goodbye.
You keep trying to save friendships.
You try to convince yourself that life can be the same as before.
But everything changes...

Go to one place and be with the person you love. Go to another place and be with your old friends.
Damn it! Can't I have both???

Sorry... I just had to let it out!

October 10, 2006


1 city
1 night
1 drink

1 smile
1 hug
1 kiss

1 year.

Thank you!

October 08, 2006

If I was a superhero...

If I was a superhero... I would be stressfull guy!

Stephen Lynch - If I was a superhero

October 02, 2006

Good heart

According to my last blood test, I have problems with my liver, cholesterol, uric acid... but at least I am a person with a good heart. The ECG says it!

The gates of heaven will open for me!

Hmmm... actually... maybe not. ;)

September 23, 2006

Random thoughts

I don't have a myspace account, therefore I don't exist.

September 20, 2006

2 hours of goodbye, kisses and bla bla bla!

One thing that portuguese people (and many latin countries) have and north americans, english, german, etc don't have:
We take ages to hang up the phone... 2 hours of goodbye, kisses and bla bla bla!

Yes I do that!
I just did with the call that finished 1min ago.

September 16, 2006

New face: part II

Ok... it didn't take me much to find a problem with beta blogger...
Now I can't log in with my username on other people's blogs, that have the old version of blogger.

Thank you blogger. You gave me a few improvements and traded them for a big pain in the ass!

September 13, 2006

New face

In Lisbon again and a new face for the blog with beta blogger.
At least I didn't have the problems some people had with it.
Let's wait and see... not many big changes but there are some nice ones!

By the way... I totally agree with this post about September 11. See it here:

9/11 Anniversary: 5 Years of Insanity by Blandella.

September 08, 2006

Starbucks is coming!!!

Starbucks is coming to Portugal. Finally!
Everytime I go to another country it is always the closest I get to the great coffee we have in Portugal. Every other coffee place it is just shit... like Café Nero, Costa and similar things.
Although I will keep drinking the traditional coffee in other places, it will be good to drink the frapucinos, almond mochas or eat cookies sometimes. ;)

And I know someone that will be very happy with this news... isn't that right Mr. Rick? ;)

The news article (in portuguese) can be seen here.

September 06, 2006

A trip to wal-mart

How to describe it?...
A super store with groceries, clothes, CDs and DVDs, home and gardening stuff, etc.
Childrens crying everywhere.
The "creme de la creme" of the white trash people everywhere.
People killing each others for a 1.50 dollar discount.
Shitty CDs and religious DVDs.
Mixed smells. Mixed people. Mixed psychos.
Is it another dimension? A trip to another universe? Hell yeah!

September 05, 2006

The art of tipping

I am getting tired of tiping everyone everywhere in restaurants and similar places, either they do a good job or not.
The idea is they don't received much money because the bosses expect the costumers to give them tips.
Thus, the employers are always supposed to receive a tip, with a scale something like:

2 dollars - you suck bitch. I shouldn't give you the money but I am supposed to.
3 dollars - you were a bit annoying but you seem to have kids to take care so... I will be mercifull.
4 dollars - you did your job. Please smile less next time.
5 dollars - I almost believed that you were nice. Here is some money for the course in the acting school.
6 dollars - ok. you were nice enough to take a photo from us.
(Actually it might have stopped before but I don't want to seem a cheap ass...)

At least in Portugal we don't tip as much and get an extra-spit on our desert as a response to that.

And what's with the "bringing of the check" after I had two bites of the food??! Can't they wait for me to finish? Damn!

And just in case you were not enlightened by my words, you can find more information about tipping on this site:

August 31, 2006

Bear country

I see bears everywhere...
"Don't feed the bears". "You are in bear country". "Bears are wild animals". "Don't aproach the bears". "Don't leave food outside". "Don't support George Bush"...

I am surrounded by one of the most beautifull nature sceneries in the whole world and the only thing I can think about is... BEARS!
I camp in a spectacular place with excelent company, we have fun, cook on the fireplace, laugh... but the only thing on my mind is... BEARS!
I go for a walk or to pee and I only see... BEARS.
I look at the open ceiling of the tent, amazed with the brightness of the stars in the sky and there is only one thing I expected to appear above me... BEARS.
I spend the whole time afraid of... BEARS!

I leave Yellowstone and the only wildlife I didn't see were... BEARS!!!!!!!!!

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So cosmopolitan of me in... Yellowstone National Park

Photos by Rick & gaZpar

August 28, 2006

Fairness on wheels

Ok. To be fair there are some good things about the USA.
My favorite is that they actually allow the pedestrians to cross the road and they are really kind in that situation.
I almost feel that I own the street and not that the cars own the street...

This I never felt in England...

England visit tip:
Look at both sides when you cross the road. Don´t expect anyone to stop. Even an old lady!
Run as fast as you can to the other side. Thank the gods for being alive.

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Image taken from here.

August 24, 2006

There goes 4

4 states in 3 days... I think it is a good average: Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming.
Places visited:
Salt Lake City, Park City, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Pocatello ...

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